Koskisen story

Established in Finland in 1909, Koskisen is a forerunner in the sawn timber and panel industry. Roughly 900 Koskisen employees make an annual turnover of close to EUR 270 million at the family-owned company.

Sights set on a carbon-neutral world

One of our key tasks is to partner with forest owners to ensure that forests are utilised sustainably. We process Finnish birch, spruce and pine into products for construction, transport vehicles, furniture, joinery products and packaging that will serve as carbon sinks for decades to come. Almost 100% of our wood raw material is converted into products, with close to zero waste.

A strong company

We work to increase the well-being of our local community by being the best employer in our industry and region. We are a Finnish family-owned company with proud roots going back more than a century, providing us with a solid foundation for future growth. To us, working at Koskisen means co-operation, courage and creativity.

Partnering with our customer

Our aim is to surpass our customers’ expectations every time.

Our goal is uncompromising quality in our products, services and operations. We tailor products to meet the needs of our customers.