Koskisen fire-protected spruce panels at Keravanjoki community centre

The Keravanjoki Community Centre, commissioned by the City of Kerava, is to be completed in the autumn of 2021. The construction of the building was realised with the alliance model and adaptability, health factors and low energy costs were key considerations in its design. Wood is used in both the building’s facade and interior spaces.

In the alliance model the property developer, designers and builders join together to form the project organisation. In addition to the City of Kerava, the project involved Lukkaroinen Architects, YIT and WSP Finland, among other partners. The fire-protected spruce panels and support structures of the facades were supplied by Koskisen Oy.

The thicker than usual 28 x 95 mm UTS panels with grooved and tongued ends were fire protected at Koskinen’s factory using translucently toned NT DECO fire retardant. The fire-protected support structures required by the panels were also treated and delivered by Koskisen. The products fulfil the requirements of the fire class B-s1, d0 in accordance with the SFS EN 13501-1 standard.

“The quality of our products is crucial for our competitive edge. Our fire-protected products have a Euroclass fire rating and CE certification. This was the first target that we supplied with products that were fire-protected using NT DECO. Nordtreat’s precise consumption counter was very accurate, and we received excellent on-site technical support for our first time using this product.”

Argo Vinkman, Department Manager, Saw and Log Sorting, Koskisen

The demand for wood products is constantly on the rise, which also increases the demand for fire-protected products. Koskisen’s fire-protected wood products are currently shipped to public building projects in Finland as target-specific deliveries.

“We like to develop new surface-treated products and their industrial processing methods in cooperation with production and sales departments and product manufacturers. We have been in communication and cooperation with Nordtreat for a good while now and everything is very smooth.”

Argo Vinkman, Department Manager, Saw and Log Sorting, Koskisen

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