Thin plywood is an excellent material for furniture

Consistent quality, durability and sustainability of thin plywood make it excellent material for furniture design

Thin birch plywood is an excellent material for furniture and design lightning, lamps and lights for many reasons. It is a strong and robust material that tolerates usage. Thin birch plywood has also beautiful wooden surface, a feature that is very important in interior decoration products.

Heikki Saastamoinen, the founder of Heinolan Vesileikkaus Oy, got to know Koskisen thin birch plywood in the 90´s when he was studying to be a cabinet maker. Already then, the beautiful plywood surface impressed him. Koskisen thin plywood and Saastamoinen met again some years later, when Heinolan Vesileikkaus started assembling Finnish design lamps made of Koskisen thin birch plywood. Later, the focus of Heinolan Vesileikkaus’s business has moved from furniture assembly to furniture design and production. Even though the business focus has changed, what remains is Koskisen thin plywood that is the material for Heinolan Vesileikkaus Oy new product series Kliks (

“For furniture and lamps, thin plywood is excellent for many reasons. It is strong and robust material that tolerates usage. Besides these features, thin birch plywood is also beautiful, which is very important in decoration products. Koskisen birch thin plywood has exceptionally beautiful plywood surface“, tells Heikki Saastamoinen.

According to Saastamoinen, one benefit of thin plywood is multifunctionality. The constant quality makes sure that the material looks always great, no matter if it is used as a surface for larger or smaller areas.

Thin plywood is an excellent material for furniture | Koskisen

Long-lasting and high-quality Plywood furniture

Thin plywood is an excellent material for furniture | Koskisen

Currently Heinolan Vesileikkaus’ furniture collection consists of storage solutions that are made of plywood. Urbanization have sped up the migration to cities where people live in smaller apartments, which increases need of storage solutions that are good looking. Quality-conscious customers are looking for furniture solutions that are long lasting in two ways: they are durable, and their design is timeless.

“Our goal is to make products that last for decades and are made of high quality material from top to bottom. For Kliks products Koskisen birch thin plywood is the only material I accept”, tells Saastamoinen

Heikki Saastamoinen designs, develops and tests new products constantly. The material of the products is usually plywood. “I design new products all the time. Most often they are made of plywood. Only imagination is the limit when you think about using plywood in furniture”

For Saastamoinen, the durability of products is very important “People that are not familiar with thin plywood have sometimes doubts about its durability, but based on my 30 years’ experience I can say that what comes to this light and thin material, Koskisen thin plywood´s durability is unparalleled”

Thin plywood is an excellent material for furniture | Koskisen

Constant quality enables material loss minimization

Thin plywood is an excellent material for furniture | Koskisen

In the furniture production the material loss is unavoidable. Koskisen thin plywood is very homogenous and constant material, which enables material loss minimization.

“Because of consistent quality of Koskisen thin plywood, every piece of it from beginning to end is usable. My plan is to produce smaller furnishings from loss pieces to maximize the usage of the material. I already have some plans for Christmas decorations for upcoming season”, tells Saastamoinen

Heinolan Valmistamo Oy uses water-cutting technology to cut materials. Complex and costly technique sets requirements for both producer and material.

“Water-cutting itself is quite challenging and costly technique, so my experience is, that only high-quality materials are worth of cutting and that is the reason I use Koskisen plywood “, ends Saastamoinen.