KoskiPly CLW thin plywood for demanding technical applications requiring good strength.

KoskiPly CLW – strong and versatile thin plywood

KoskiPly CLW is manufactured to comply with the requirements of standard EN 61061.

Our thin veneer plywood KoskiPly CLW is ideal for applications requiring complex shapes and demanding machining, such as threaded bars and punching dies. KoskiPly CLW has a good weight to strength ratio. It also has a low moisture content, which makes it very corrosion resistant. It is also resistant to a variety of chemicals.

Advantages of KoskiPly CLW birch plywood

  • cost-effective material
  • homogeneous and seamless surface
  • excellent bending strength
  • strong and light-weight option for a multitude of applications
  • easy to work and coat
  • environmentally friendly alternative to e.g. plastic or metal

KoskiPly CLW applications

  • flooring
  • sliding door tracks
  • moulds
  • pulleys
  • antimagnetic applications
  • rolling mill pushers
  • wood processing machines
  • CNC machining tables
  • conveyor belt supports

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KoskiPly CLW