Responsibility is integrated into our strategy and operations throughout the value chain.
The entire value chain, from harvesting to final products,
is designed around synergetic and sustainable material flows.
Wood wisdom is at the core of our sustainable business.

Sustainability management

Environment and climate

We continuously strive to reduce the impact of our operations on soil, water and climate by developing products and production processes throughout the value chain and product life cycle.

Climate impacts
Wood supply and forestry
Material and resource efficiency
Environmental aspects

Emissions from own operations 11,5 ktCO2e (2023)

3.93 Personnel satisfaction index (2023)


For Koskinen as an employer, it is important that employees feel that their workplace is safe and where everyone’s work feels meaningful. The goal is a pleasant, health-promoting and responsible work community.

Responsible employer
Occupational safety and well-being
Training and development

Partners and society

Koskisen has a significant impact on both the financial well-being of its stakeholders and society, both directly and indirectly. The goal is to be a long-term and fair partner for its stakeholders.

Economic impact
Forest owners
Responsible procurement
Communities and networks
Customers and products

Customer satisfaction NPS 64 (2023)