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Unique thin plywood and veneer

Koskisen’s unique and high-quality thin plywood and veneer are raw materials for the most discerning furniture manufacturers and the joinery industry.

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We manufacture thin plywood from a genuine natural material: high-quality, renewable Finnish birch grown in sustainably managed forests.

Our customer service begins with wood procurement, in which we take the customer’s special requirements into consideration when choosing the raw material quality. Our decades of birch processing experience and continuous product development guarantee product solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Uncompromising customer service is part and parcel of normal deliveries.

Strong and bendable thin plywood is suitable for

  • Laser cut
  • Design products
  • Interior design elements
  • Lamps
  • Technical structural boards
  • CNC machining

We use 0.15–0.5 mm thick birch veneers to manufacture thin plywood.
The raw material for the high-quality birch is procured from sustainably grown Finnish forests.

KoskiFlex – Extremely bendable thin plywood

As its name suggests, KoskiFlex is an extremely bendable and flexible thin plywood made from birch. KoskiFlex thin plywood is available in thicknesses starting at 0.4 mm, in which case the plywood has either two or three veneer layers. The advantages of its bendability are best displayed in plywood panels with a thickness of less than 2.0 mm.

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Our logistics network and top-class customer service enable reliable deliveries and short delivery times.

Quality and product development

For us, quality encompasses the entire customer experience. Our product development aims to improve the products’ qualities according to responsible and sustainable development. The focus of our product development lies in improving long-term use, renewability and safety.

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Our customers are the starting point for all of our operations. We listen to the needs and wishes of our customers with open ears.

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