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Woodwise Wood Procurement

Koskisen sources wood only from legal and responsible sources, ensuring reliability in timber procurement. We adhere to the best practices and standards of sustainable forestry in all our wood procurement, including PEFC and FSC certifications.

In addition, Koskisen uses a chain-of-custody system in all procurement to ensure that wood material is sourced legally and ethically from reliable and identified sources. The origin of all raw materials is always checked so that the forests in protected areas are safeguarded, and wood is not sourced from controversial sources.

Woodwise at a Modern Sawmill

Sawing, drying and grading are carried out according to certified quality management systems. Koskisen’s strength graded timber also fulfils the requirements for CE marking.

New modern sawmill produces high-quality products efficiently, with even greater resource utilization. This ensures that raw materials are optimally used for long-lasting products, promoting long-term carbon sequestration. Additionally, new production line consumes approximately 20 percent less electricity per cubic meter of lumber produced.

Woodwise Panel Industry – Not a single chip wasted

The journey of wood from the forest to highly refined birch plywood, thin plywood, and veneer, as well as chipboard, is entirely in the hands of our company’s experts from start to finish. Our plywood products are made from genuine natural material, renewable and high-quality Finnish birch, grown in responsibly managed forests. Chipboards are made from sawdust and wood chips, by-products of sawmills and birch plywood production.

Our latest product innovation, Zero Furniture Board, is a completely new type of interior board in which the fossil binder has been replaced with a renewable wood-based binder, lignin. The wood raw materials for Zero board come from the side streams of Koskisen’s manufacturing processes.

Woodwise Products

Koskisen’s products are safe for their intended use and meet the requirements set for them.

Product development emphasises the development of responsible and sustainable product features. The focus is on improving the long-term use, renewability, safety, and traceability of products.

Koskisen complies with product requirements and standards as well as ethical guidelines throughout the order-supply chain. Products and services are traceable and their origin is known.

Every possible part of the raw wood is utilized, and not a speck of sawdust goes to waste. The carbon handprint of our products was over 2 times greater than the carbon footprint (2023).

Customer satisfaction NPS 64 (2023)

Woodwise for our Customers

We help our customers to succeed, mitigate climate change and adapt to the future with our products and services.

We take into account the specific requirements of applications already in the product design phase, collaborating with our customers. We create value for our customers by providing high-quality tailored products, customer-oriented services and innovative solutions.

Koskisen aims to be a creative and agile player in the wood product markets. Customer-centricity and customization enable even small production batches.

Woodwise Employees

Over the decades, the development of personnel competence has become an integral part of Koskisen’s way of working. The professionalism and knowledge that supports and promotes wood wisdom in many different ways is a source of pride for which Koskisen wants to be known.

We use the wood entrusted to us precisely, and constantly develop our ability to use wood with greater efficiency and respect.