Koskisen as an investment

Strengths accelerate steps on the growth path

As an investment, Koskisen is a unique combination of customer-oriented top expertise, wood processing technology and the wisdom to use wood and forests sustainably and profitably.

Strengths and competitive advantages

1. Themes related to sustainability increase Koskisen’s addressable markets

Green construction, increased logistics volumes and increased use of wood in construction and furniture will increase the demand for Koskisen’s sawn timber and plywood products.

2. Taking sustainability into account in all stages of Koskisen’s production

Koskisen produces sustainable and renewable wood products, the origin of which it certifies, as well as wood procurement and forestry services that optimise the value of the forest and take biodiversity into account.

3. A pioneer in integrated mechanical wood processing

Koskisen’s integrated operating model enables both the optimum use of wood raw material at production facilities and the availability of high-quality wood raw material.

4. High-quality custom products from Finnish wood

Koskisen’s high-quality products and services facilitate higher pricing, especially for panel products. Koskisen is also able to produce smaller batches of custom products in a customer-oriented manner.

5. Investments lay down the foundation for further improving financial performance

Koskisen has identified growth paths with investments in production plants and product
development, aiming to increase revenue and improve efficiency and profitability.