Environmental aspects

Koskisen’s environmental management is based on identifying, managing and continuously improving key environmental aspects. Environmental aspects are updated annually.

The most significant environmental impacts of Koskisen’s industrial operations are related to its production units and the resources they use, as well as the waste or side streams generated by the operations.

Environmental aspects are managed in accordance with Koskisen’s environmental policy, environmental management system and environmental permit requirements. Koskisen’s production facilities are located in Järvelä, Hirvensalmi and Toporów, Poland. The Finnish units have environmental permits valid until further notice. Koskisen’s operations in Poland do not require separate environmental permits.

AspectManagement priorities
Energy· Improving relative energy efficiency
· Energy saving
· Increasing the use of renewable energy
· Own heat production and waste heat sales
Water and wastewater·   Improving water use efficiency
·  Domestic and raw water procurement
·  Stormwater management
·  The operations do not generate wastewater that is directly hazardous to the environment
Raw materials·  Making full use of wood
Waste·  Recycling for recovery or energy use
·  Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste

The distribution of Koskisen’s energy use, water consumption, wastewater volumes, emissions and other environmental impacts can be found in Koskisen’s environmental report, which can be downloaded from the material bank.

Environmental risk management

The identification, management and reporting of environmental risks have been implemented as part of Koskisen’s environmental management system. Risks have been identified unit-specific and locally. Risks include noise, oil spill and air emissions. Environmental risks and plans for their management are updated regularly.