Material and resource efficiency

Wood-wise at Koskinen means that we make the most of roundwood and not a single chip is left unused. Wood is an ecological raw material and carbon storage from which countless different products and raw materials can be produced. Unrecoverable wood residues can be used as a renewable energy source.

The material and resource efficiency of Koskisen’s operations is high. Koskisen manages different material flows efficiently and uses raw materials from different sources as fully as possible in the production of plywood, sawn timber products and chipboard.

The remaining wood material that cannot be utilised in Koskisen’s products or production is sold for other industries or energy use. Pulpwood is delivered to paper and pulp manufacturers, and energy wood and logging residues are used in bioenergy production. Koskisen supplies raw materials to several bioenergy power plants – including power plants located at Koskisen’s production plant in Järvelä. 

Resource efficiency also means continuous improvement of energy and water efficiency. As production utilization rates and volumes increase, relative energy efficiency is also better.

Koskisen continuously improves the energy efficiency of its production and production facilities and is committed to reducing energy use as required by the Energy Efficiency Agreement for Finnish Industries. It aims to reduce total energy consumption by 7.5% by 2025 compared to 2015 levels.