First Class Sawn and Processed Timber

Koskisen’s sawn timber is made from densely grained Finnish spruce and pine. In addition to traditional construction timber and further processed goods, we manufacture different customised cut-to-size products for the needs of the construction and packaging industry.

Koskisen’s sawn goods offer a broad range of sizes with superior dimensional stability. Further processed sawn goods are used extensively in the construction of buildings.

Our selection offers the customer

  • Spruce and pine sawn timber
  • Dimensioned and strength graded timber
  • Exterior and interior cladding
  • Primed and painted external cladding
  • Floorboards

The Kissakoski sawmill, leased by Koskisen, is an expert in small log production and produces sound knotted timber.

At Koskisen, the wood’s journey from the forest to high-quality sawn timber is in the hands of the company’s experts from start to finish. The softwood we use is procured from sustainably managed forests. As a material, our sawn and processed timber manufactured from pine and spruce is an eco-friendly and easy-to-recycle option.

Genuine Koskisen timber sports the KKN stamp

Koskisen’s shipping mark, KKN, is known far and wide as a sign of high-quality spruce and pine timber made to exacting standards. We manufacture our KKN stamped sawn goods from high-quality Finnish timber precisely and without compromising on quality. Sawing, drying and grading are carried out according to certified quality management systems. Koskisen’s strength graded timber also fulfils the requirements for CE marking.

Quality and product development

For us, quality encompasses the entire customer experience. Our product development aims to improve the products’ qualities according to responsible and sustainable development. The focus of our product development lies in improving long-term use, renewability and safety.

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