Use of natural and forest resources

We use natural resources wisely and promote biodiversity

Sustainable forestry

  • Wood sourcing and forestry services in accordance with best practices​
  • Taking into account operations-supporting ecosystem services​
  • Social impacts in forestry and timber sourcing 


  • Protecting and promoting biodiversity in accordance with Sahateollisuus’ forest environment programme in forestry and timber procurement ​
  • Information, training and communications: increasing knowledge regarding sustainable forestry and biodiversity​
  • Contributing to sustainable forestry by means of transparent stakeholder collaboration (local, forest owners, nature organisations, partners)
ThemeObjectivesKPIKPI target
Base year 2022
In 2023
Sustainable forestry2024: Availability of high-quality, certified Finnish wood % of certified wood raw material88%  (2022: 81%)84.5%
Biodiversity2024: Timber sourcing in accordance with the forest environment programmeMonitoring in accordance with the forest environment programme100%
2024: Increasing expertiseExtensiveness of diversity training​
– Own timber procurement personnel​
– Subcontractors