Koskisen products – Not a single chip wasted

Koskisen has been part of the wood industry for more than a century, with a focus on uncompromising product and service quality. At Koskisen, we ensure that Finnish forests are used sustainably, processing wood into sawn goods, plywood and chipboard.

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IAA, Hannover, Germany
September 17th to 22nd, 2024

Woodwise Products

Koskisen’s products are safe for their intended use and meet the requirements set for them.

Product development emphasises the development of responsible and sustainable product features. The focus is on improving the long-term use, renewability, safety, and traceability of products.

Koskisen complies with product requirements and standards as well as ethical guidelines throughout the order-supply chain. Products and services are traceable and their origin is known.

Every possible part of the raw wood is utilized, and not a speck of sawdust goes to waste. The carbon handprint of our products was over 2 times greater than the carbon footprint (2023).

Woodwise for our Customers

We help our customers to succeed, mitigate climate change and adapt to the future with our products and services.

We take into account the specific requirements of applications already in the product design phase, collaborating with our customers. We create value for our customers by providing high-quality tailored products, customer-oriented services and innovative solutions.

Koskisen aims to be a creative and agile player in the wood product markets. Customer-centricity and customization enable even small production batches.