Koskisen has in force insider guidelines approved by the Board of Directors. These are based on the legislation in force, regulations issued by the competent authorities and other regulations, as well as the insider guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki.

The person in charge of insider issues at Koskisen is the Chief Financial Officer (the “CFO”), who is also responsible for maintaining the insider lists. The practical duties relating to the insider list and the management of inside information are taken care of by a person designated by the person in charge of insider issues. The person in charge of managing the duty to disclose management and related party transactions is Director, Sustainability and Communications and a substitute appointed by them.

Closed period

A person with managerial responsibilities within the Company or who has been defined to be subject to the trading restriction may not, directly or indirectly, execute transactions on their account or for the account of a third party during a closed period. The closed period commences thirty (30) days prior to the publication of the financial statements release, half year report or interim report in question and ends 24 hours after publishing of the financial statements release, half year report or interim report. The Company does not repurchase its own shares during this period.


The Company applies a so-called whistleblowing system, which enables the Company’s employees to notify, where there is a reasonable suspicion that someone employed by or at the service of Koskisen has breached securities market legislation and provisions. If a doubt on a breach arises or if a breach can be substantiated, the case is taken to the competent authorities for investigations. The whistleblowing channel can also be accessed on the company’s website.