Customers and products

The longevity of customer relationships is a matter of honour for Koskinen. Therefore, all activities are always based on the customer’s needs. Koskisen is known for quality and customer experience.

The quality experienced by the customer extends beyond the final wood product. It includes the entire process of creating the product and the customer interface and its people. Cooperation between different functions and processes as well as with process development ensure that the products and services delivered to the customer comply with the agreed quality level and that they will be produced cost-effectively also in the future.

Quality includes all the functions that are necessary before the product reaches the end user and even beyond until the product is taken out of use. Koskisen measures customer satisfaction related to the functionality of cooperation, product deliveries and the end product with NPS (Net Promoter Score).

In 2022 customer satisfaction
NPS 64 (2021: 51)

The most important link in our quality chain is the customer

At Koskisen, the needs and wishes of our customers are listened to sensitively. The principles of sustainable operations include a high-quality, long-term and customer-oriented way of working, advanced production machinery and precise quality assurance methods. Customers value the customer-orientation, quality and delivery reliability of products and services. Expertise and the Koskis attitude, which is reflected in everything we do, are also important factors.

Sustainability of products and services

Product development emphasizes the development of responsible and sustainable product features. The focus is on improving the long-term use, renewability, safety and traceability of products.

Analysing the supply chain of products and services from raw material sourcing to the end of a product’s life cycle is part of everyday risk management. Products, services and operations are evaluated to identify and reduce environmental, health and safety risks. Koskisen is committed to continuous improvement in all its operations and throughout the product supply chain.

Accurate and useful product information

Koskisen complies with product requirements and standards as well as ethical guidelines throughout the order-supply chain. Products and services are traceable and their origin known.

The labelling of products complies with Finnish and EU legislation. In addition to statutory labelling, voluntary labels are attached to products, which indicate the characteristics of the product and the date of manufacture. The CE marking indicates the company’s logo and the scope of quality control.

Life cycle analyzes (LCA) have been prepared for Koskinen’s products and they are presented in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), which customers can use in their own life cycle analyzes or when creating their own environmental statements. EDP provides reliable and transparent information about the product’s environmental impact.

Product safety

Koskisen’s products are safe for their intended use and meet the requirements set for them. Compliance and testing are also reported to customers. Product liability includes the management of manufactured products at all sites. Where necessary, customers are provided with support and training to ensure the safe handling and use of products.

The health and safety impacts of products are taken into account already during the product design and product development process.  The aim is to minimise the harmful health and environmental impacts of products throughout the product’s life cycle.

Quality control is based on the requirements of international standards and norms as well as customer-specific requirements set by customers. Internal quality control is a separate part of the organisation and is supervised by accredited third parties. If necessary, the test results are also forwarded directly to customers. The CE marking indicates the company’s logo and the scope of quality control. We comply with the ISO 9001 quality standard, the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard. In addition, we comply with the guidelines of the ISO 26000 sustainability standard.