Sustainability programme​

Koskinen’s operations are based on sustainable forestry and competent wood sourcing, the processing of wood into bioeconomy products and green transition, and the creation of added value for customers and other stakeholders. All operations are based on the customer’s needs and the customer’s experience of quality, as well as working in close cooperation with various stakeholders. We want to be a reliable and face-to-face partner. We manage sustainability as part of strategy and operational activities in accordance with our values.

We use natural resources wisely and promote biodiversity

Wise use of natural and forest resources ensures the availability of raw materials and the acceptability of wood use in the future.

ESRS E4: Biodiversity and ecosystems

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Sustainable forestry

Reducing climate emissions
Wood products as carbon sinks – carbon handprint

We mitigate climate change
and adapt to the future

Climate action is at the heart of creating value and competitiveness as well as helping our customers become successful.

ESRS E1: Climate change

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We invest in sustainable circular bioeconomy solutions

Wise use of natural and forest resources, creating first-grade circular bioeconomy solutions and wood products.

ESRS E5: Circular economy

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Material flows
Circular economy in our own operations and value chain

Occupational health and safety
Well-being and expertise

We are an attractive and fair employer

The key to Koskisen’s success are Koskisen’s healthy and diverse employees working in a safe and secure work environment.

ESRS S1: Our own work force

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