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Koskisen takes woodwise steps on the path to sustainable growth

Our world is living through a time of great change. Even though we cannot influence everything, what is needed right now is a new mindset. Through sustainable growth, Koskisen is ready to take on this challenge. 

Our goal is to increase our net sales to EUR 500 million. Achieving this requires ongoing evolution as well as the diverse and bold development of our operations. 

How can we achieve growth?  

Koskisen will achieve quick growth by creating value for our customers, developing our current operations and taking bold steps

To create value for our customers, we will help them in the fight against climate change and adapt to the future with our products and services. To serve our customers even better, we will improve our offering and cater to new customer groups. 

Our aim is to be the most attractive employer in our sector. We will not succeed in this unless we continuously develop all of our current operations in a diverse way. We invest in product development and the effective implementation of our initiatives and expansions. The machines will not keep running without the entire Koskisen community’s efforts springing from well-being and vitality. 

We aim to actively change the world and our industry for the better and create value for our customers, employees and shareholders as well as society at large. That is why we take bold steps towards sustainable growth and a circular bioeconomy. We invest in the development of our operations and expand our current production. 

Wood-wise is at the core of our operations  

By wood-wise, we mean that we consider the forest, the people connected to Koskisen’s operations as well as society as partners in our operations. We use the wood entrusted to us thoroughly and constantly improve our ability to use wood with uncompromising piety. We satisfy the growing demand of the global wood product market.  

The global markets need quality wood products 

Finnish forests have valuable treasures to offer the world. We strive to meet the demand generated by changing consumption choices with our quality products. The market for our products is large and ever growing, driven by the green transition, urbanisation as well as the development of commerce and transport. By and large, the situation is such that there is demand for whatever we produce.  

This is our strategy. We have what it takes and we have an excellent chance of success as long as both the forest and people continue to be our partners. This is how we proceed in a wood-wise way towards renewable societies.