Communities and networks

Koskisen wants to be an active member of local communities and a joint developer of the industry. The local communities in the locations where Koskisen’s factories are located are important in Finland and Poland, as a large number of employees come from the local area.

A healthy and vibrant local community is in Koskisen’s interest, which is why connections and cooperation with local communities are actively developed and maintained.

Koskisen has mapped the most significant local stakeholders and channels of communication and cooperation. Activity is guided by the strategy and special local needs. Our support activities have also taken into account a long-term strategic review.

We educate, influence, educate

Koskisen is an active trainer and influencer in society on themes that are important to him and his stakeholders.  Advocacy activities are primarily carried out through organisations.

Koskisen actively cooperates with the municipality of Kärkölä, his home town, to improve the attractiveness of the area, as well as cooperation projects with educational institutions and students in the field.

Our training partners

  • Jyväskylä Joint Authority for Education Gradia
  • LAB University of Applied Sciences
  • Aalto University and LUT University
  • Training Centre Salpaus

Koskisen is active in several different organisations. Networking is used to develop our learning and to participate in promoting common themes with other actors.

Koskisen is a member of the following networks:

  • Family Business Network (PL)
  • Finnish Sawmill Association
  • Finnish Business & Society (FIBS)
  • European Panel Federation (EPF)
  • European Federation of the Plywood Industry (FEIC)
  • The Finnish Timber Council
  • Suomen Yrittäjät organisation