About us – Koskisen Corporation

Koskisen is an international wood processing specialist with more than a century of experience and known for its agility and ability to listen to the customer. We utilise our valuable wood raw material as thoroughly as possible, up to the last particle of sawdust. We manufacture high-quality and sustainable circular bioeconomy products that store carbon for decades.

Our Operations – Koskisen has two business segments

The Sawn Timber Industry business
segment produces sawn timber and processed products. Wood procurement is part of the Sawmill industry business segment.

Panel Industry segment produces plywood, thin plywood, veneer, chipboard and interior solutions for light utility vehicles under the Kore brand.

Business areas

Plywood and chipboard are manufactured at the Järvelä Mills

Sales to approximately 70 countries (2023)

Koskisen’s products are safe for their intended use and meet the requirements set for them. Product development emphasises the development of responsible and sustainable product features. The focus is on improving the long-term use, renewability, safety, and traceability of products.


Our world is living through a time of great change. Even though we cannot influence everything, what is needed right now is a new mindset. Through sustainable growth, Koskisen is ready to take on this challenge. 

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Woodwise is at the core of our operations

Revenue 271.3 M€ (2023)

Sustainability programme

Koskinen’s operations are based on sustainable forestry and competent wood sourcing, the processing of wood into bioeconomy products and green transition, and the creation of added value for customers and other stakeholders. All operations are based on the customer’s needs and the customer’s experience of quality, as well as working in close cooperation with various stakeholders. 

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Woodwise steps on the path to sustainable growth