Good customer relationships, quality, responsibility and agility form the basis for Koskinen’s growth

Key strategic objectives

Understanding and exceeding customer expectations

Koskisen believes that it is known for the high quality of its products, operations and the uncompromising attitude of its personnel. Koskisen’s aim is to be a creative and agile player in wood products markets and to constantly develop new innovative solutions for its current and potential customers. Offering of high quality and customized products and services enables Koskisen to price its products, especially panel products, higher than its competitors.

Operating through an agile business model

In addition to high quality, agility is in the center of Koskisen’s strategy. Koskisen believes that agility in terms of responsiveness to customer requests and a high level of services create a differentiating factor against many of its competitors. Koskisen’s production is agile due to Koskisen being able to produce smaller batches of end products that can be customized according to the needs of the customer. Koskisen’s agile business model focusing on direct sales to its customers makes Koskisen’s business less volatile to market cyclicality and enables Koskisen to serve customers more flexibly and react more rapidly to changes in demand and conditions.

Frontrunner in sustainability as a goal

Koskisen believes that compliance with the principles of sustainable development is the foundation of its operations and, therefore, Koskisen aims to be a frontrunner in sustainability in the wood products industry globally. This goal is achieved by reducing the already low carbon footprint of Koskisen’s operations and increasing its carbon handprint by continuously developing more sustainable products.