KoskiBond – Plywood with a special coating for demanding solutions requiring an excellent bonding

KoskiBond is a coated Finnish birch plywood that can be used for innovative, solid glued constructions and components

KoskiBond is Finnish birch plywood that offers excellent adhesion for glues, paints etc. The plywood is coated on either one or two faces with a special coating that creates a protective, smoothsurface with excellent adhesion properties. The coated panel has a high tolerance to water, the most common solvents, diluted acids and bases and to mechanical wear.

The surface of KoskiBond plywood guarantees easy and quick gluing making it ideal for solid glued constructions and components.

Advantages of KoskiBond plywood

  • Excellent bonding properties, e.g. with polyurethane/epoxy adhesives
  • Easy to paint, suitable for many paint types
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy to clean and work

KoskiBond plywood applications

  • Floor and wall structures of trailers
  • Floors of transport vehicles
  • Floor and wall structures of delivery vehicles
  • Floor and wall panels of interior structures