KoskiDecor All-Round product

KoskiDecor All-Round product offers our customers not only a product, but a whole interior design solution inspired directly by their wishes

Using our decorative plywood panels we are able to provide a unique decorative focal point for the home – and the concept can be scaled to suit a school, a shop, a restaurant, or even an airport.

The concept is simple. Based on the picture of your choice and the dimensions of the desired wall, we will create a drilled pattern to replicate the image across on one or more Koskidecor decorative plywood panels. The panels will be supplied machined and ready to install.

You can choose to have the panels:

Fully drilled through and take advantage of the acoustic properties or simply play with back lighting effects

Partially drilled through so that the holes display the beautiful veneer construction of the core and give an interesting contrast to the panel’s surface.

Additionally, our products are ecological, carbon-binding and indoor-air-friendly. Since the decorative panel is made from birch – a natural and renewable raw material – it is an ecological and sustainable choice for the interior design of public spaces, furniture, shop furnishings and reception desks. Birch plywood also meets the increasingly stringent requirements set for indoor air. The material, made from a renewable raw material, binds carbon dioxide throughout the product’s life cycle. All Koskisen decorative plywood panels are made from birch sourced from certified forests.


  • Unique outlook, one of a kind product
  • Decorative faces with different inspiring colors, textures, with or without visible wood grain, see below.
  • Elegant plywood edges, light or dark colored versions available acoustic properties  
  • Eco-friendly choice that guarantees good indoor air quality


  • Visually appealing applications in interior design. Interior walls for homes, offices, shops, kindergarten, schools, museums and many more besides
  • Joinery products, lamps, desks, room dividers and so on.