KoskiDecor Eco special colored birch plywood for transport vehicle walls.

KoskiDecor Eco – Birch plywood for transport vehicle walls

KoskiDecor Eco is a Finnish coloured birch plywood

Both sides of the KoskiDecor Eco plywood are coloured with water-based colour and polished. KoskiDecor Eco plywood is ideally suited to the needs of the transport vehicle industry. With its smooth and superior surface, the panels are immediately ready to use.

Advantages of KoskiDecor Eco plywood

  • Coloured translucent coating highlights the wood’s grain
  • Available in a wide range of standard and special colours
  • Environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle

KoskiDecor Eco plywood applications

  • Joinery products
  • Packaging industry products
  • Walls and interior cladding of transport vehicles