KoskiForm high quality Finnish birch plywood for system formwork.

KoskiForm – Forming board for concrete formwork

KoskiForm is a high-quality Finnish birch plywood ideal for concrete formwork. Both sides of the board have a smooth, wear-resistant special coating.

KoskiForm plywood boards are ideal for system formwork. The plywood’s elasticity properties are well suited for long-term use and it stays straight despite variations in moisture levels. KoskiForm plywood board is suited to multiple end uses.

Advantages of KoskiForm plywood boards

  • Ready-to-use forming board
  • Smooth, durable surface enables multiple uses
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Environmentally friendly

KoskiForm plywood board applications

  • System formwork and conventional formwork
  • Wall panels for transport vehicles
  • Farm construction

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