KoskiForm Paving Finnish birch plywood for concrete blocks.

KoskiForm Paving – Forming plywood for paving blocks

KoskiForm Paving is a Finnish birch plywood board whose both sides are covered in a smooth and durable special coating.

The structure of the KoskiForm Paving plywood board presents excellent stiffness and vibration properties. The board’s special coating improves its resistance to wear and impact, and makes the board resistant to weathering and chemicals.

The smooth and seamless board surface and excellent vibration properties improve the quality of concrete blocks, reduce waste and reduce dust. The blocks are easy to release and remove. KoskiForm Paving’s coating resists wear and tear longer than conventional formwork boards. Together these properties guarantee a long lifespan for the product.

Advantages of KoskiForm Paving plywood

  • Smooth and seamless surface
  • Stiff board
  • Excellent vibration properties
  • Weather and moisture resistance