KoskiFutura ABS – Birch plywood panel for the vehicle industry

Birch plywood panel for the vehicle industry coated with a glossy and durable thermoplastic overlay.

KoskiFutura ABS Smooth is a birch plywood panel with a durable and moisture resistant thermoplastic coating whose original colour is maintained even when exposed to changing weather conditions

Choose birch plywood with good chemical resistance, heat resistance and UV resistance

KoskiFutura ABS Smooth is a birch plywood panel a with special coating for those who need a durable panel for transport industry applications such as trailer sidewalls or box and semi-trailers. KoskiFutura ABS smooth birch plywood is coated with a thermoplastic overlay which is resistant to changing weather conditions: rain, direct sunlight, UV radiation and cold. The special coating has also a good resistance to chemicals.

Hygienic and easy to clean birch plywood for trailer walls

KoskiFutura ABS Smooth birch plywood’s special coating has multiple uses in the transport industry, especially where a hygienic and easy to clean solution is required. In addition, the product is a stylish choice for trailer’s sidewalls due its glossy coating. KoskiFutura ABS Smooth birch plywood maintains its original colour over the years even when exposed to changing weather conditions.

Birch plywood is an eco-friendly and renewable material for the vehicle industry

KoskiFutura ABS Smooth has been developed specially for the transport industry. Manufactured from a natural and renewable material birch, it is an eco-friendly and sustainable material for trailer sidewalls, fishing vessels, box and semi-trailers and cold storage rooms.

Advantages of KoskiFutura ABS plywood panels

  • Durable and moisture resistant
  • Resistance to UV light
  • Good adhesion of labels
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Heat resistant from -40°C to +120°C
  • Brief contact with foodstuffs
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly and renewable material

KoskiFutura ABS plywood applications

  • Trailer sidewalls
  • Fishing vessels
  • Box and semi-trailers
  • Cold storage rooms

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