KoskiFutura Smooth – Colourful coated plywood for walls and fixtures

KoskiFutura Smooth is a Finnish birch plywood with a colourful and durable coating.

The hard-wearing and elastic plastic coating on KoskiFutura Smooth plywood maintains its colour even in changing weather conditions. The coating is hygienic and easy to clean. KoskiFutura Smooth is an excellent material for the various needs of the transport vehicle industry thanks to its strength and durable decorative coating. The elastic and dense surface protects the plywood from moisture.

Advantages of KoskiFutura Smooth plywood panels

  • Durable and elastic surface
  • Available in a wide range of colours and coatings
  • Good colour stability
  • Environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle

KoskiFutura Smooth plywood panel applications

  • Furniture for offices, shops and trade fairs
  • Wall panels for transport vehicles
  • Playground equipment