KoskiGranite slip resistant birch plywood for light vehicles.

KoskiGranite – Flooring panel

Birch plywood or chipboard panel with a slip resistant coating for light vehicles

KoskiGranite is a flooring panel for lights vehicles and is available in slip resistant mesh, crown, carat and ruby patterns.

Coated flooring panel with a special, decorative overlay and available with a birch plywood or chipboard core

KoskiGranite is a strong birch plywood or chipboard panel for light vehicle floors which require a slip and crack resistant solution. The decorative overlay of KoskiGranite is designed especially for light vehicles such as trailers and vans.

Flooring panel which keeps its colour and is resistant to UV light and moisture

KoskiGranite is an ideal choice when floors require a very high-quality appearance. In addition to its decorative pattern and visual quality, the coating is UV and moisture resistant keeping its colour even in sunlight. The flooring panel is also easy to clean and resistant to most commonly used chemicals.

Birch plywood is an eco-friendly and renewable material for vehicle industry

KoskiGranite birch plywood has been developed especially for light transport applications. Manufactured from a natural and renewable material birch, it is an eco-friendly, sustainable and easy to re-use flooring material for box and semi-trailers.

Clean chipboard keeps your blades intact

KoskiGranite with a chipboard core is easy to machine. In addition our pure and high-quality chipboard doesn’t damage saw blades. Koskisen chipboard is made from our own sawmill’s sawdust and contains 85% real wood. H3: KoskiGranite birch plywood or chipboard features

  • Good colour stability
  • Easy to clean
  • Slip resistance surface
  • Decorative surface
  • Good crack resistance
  • Eco-friendly and renewable material

KoskiGranite birch plywood or chipboard applications

  • Light transport trailers’ floors