KoskiPaint – For painting Easy-to-paint plywood overlaid with a special painting film

KoskiPaint is a strong Finnish birch plywood overlaid with a painting film.

The thick, hot-pressed coating of the KoskiPaint plywood provides a durable and uniform surface and effectively prevents surface microcracking due to moisture variations.

The KoskiPaint plywood panel’s special coating enables easy and quick painting and guarantees a smooth and durable end result. For most applications only two coats are needed, which means considerable savings in costs.

Advantages of KoskiPaint plywood panels

  • Easy to paint
  • Saves on work and costs
  • Smooth and durable paint finish
  • Effectively prevents microcracking resulting from moisture variations

KoskiPaint plywood panel applications

  • Doors
  • Wall panels and doors for transport vehicles
  • Farm construction
  • Traffic signs and other signage
  • Sports equipment
  • Playground equipment