KoskiStandard uncoated Finnish birch plywood for multiple use.

KoskiStandard – Birch plywood board

KoskiStandard is a versatile, uncoated Finnish birch plywood board.

The plywood boards are made from an odd number of veneers glued together. The veneers are laid up with the grain direction of each ply at a right angle to the previous veneer.

KoskiStandard plywood is strong, it adds rigidity to structures and is additionally dense and shock resistant. The plywood can be bent, it can be worked into different shapes or it can be used as large panels in structures.

KoskiStandard is listed in the Nordic Swan Ecolable’s Building Materials Database and is thus approved for use in a Swan-labelled building

Advantages of KoskiStandard plywood board

  • Good strength properties
  • Environmentally friendly throughout its life cycle
  • Easy to work
  • Versatile

KoskiStandard plywood board applications

  • For applications requiring great strength or high quality
  • Construction boards
  • Joinery industry
  • Packaging industry