Hard and dense Finnish sawn timber

Sawn timber, spruce

The spruce Koskisen uses grows in Finland, one of the best growth zones in the world for this tree species. This ensures the excellent properties of our sawn timber from the very beginning. Our sawn spruce timber is typically dense, has sound knots and uniform quality.

Hard and dense Finnish sawn timber

The European spruce (Picea abies) is a slow-growing and straight coniferous tree with dense branches. The wood is yellowish white with no clear difference between the heartwood and sapwood. Growth rings are clearly visible in the wood. Spruce timber is strong and tough and therefore is an excellent material for load-bearing structures and exterior cladding. Spruce timber is easy to work and its properties make it suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The density of the wood usually varies from 370 kg/m³ to 450 kg/m³ (at 12–15% moisture content).

A spruce log becomes sawn timber in our modern production chain, steered by our highly experienced and skilled staff, and aided by the latest technology. We continuously upgrade our sawmilling processes to supply products that fit our customers’ needs as efficiently as possible.

Finnish spruce timber is stronger than fast-growing wood and thus is suitable for the load-bearing structures in a wide range of buildings. Due to its dense grain, our sawn goods also have excellent moisture and thermotechnical properties.

Applications for sawn spruce timber

  • Tables and chairs
  • Glue-laminated panels and beams
  • Furniture components
  • Interior and exterior cladding boards
  • Flooring boards
  • Mouldings
  • Frame structures
  • Window and door industry
  • Packaging industry