KoskiPly Economy

Thin plywood from joint-free birch veneer

A cross-bandedplywood panel made from peeled, thin birch veneer for technically demanding applications that require a strong but thin plywood panel

All of our KoskiPly Economy thin plywood is manufactured from peeled, consistent and joint-free birch veneer. The face veneers of the plywood panel are 0.5 mm thick and core veneers are 1.0 mm. The seamless surface makes the light-coloured thin veneer panels consistent, homogenous and elegant.

KoskiPly Economy thin plywood is available in thicknesses from 3.0 mm up to 60 mm. The plywood panels have excellent strength properties for technically demanding applications. KoskiPly Economy thin plywood is used for applications that demand strength, stiffness and cost-effectiveness.

The wood raw material we use is procured from sustainably managed forests. As a material our thin plywood manufactured from birch is an eco-friendly and easy-to-recycle option.

Advantages of KoskiPly Economy birch plywood

  • cost-effective material
  • homogeneous, light-coloured and consistent surface
  • strong and light-weight option for a multitude of applications
  • easy to work and coat
  • environmentally friendly alternative to e.g. plastic
  • suitable for laser and waterjet cutting
  • good acoustic properties

KoskiPly economy thin plywood is used for, for example

  • toys, souvenirs and decorative items
  • interior design elements
  • scale models
  • everyday items
  • furniture components
  • boats and canoes