Koskisen and Meto conclude a company-level collective agreement

Koskisen, press release on 8 September 2022 at 10:00 a.m.

Koskisen and Meto conclude a company-level collective agreement

The company-level collective bargaining negotiations that started in the autumn between the wood processing company Koskisen and METO Forestry Experts’ Association were successfully concluded on 7 September 2022. The new agreement covers around 30 of Koskisen’s forestry advisers.

The solution-focused negotiations started in August and were conducted in a good spirit. Thanks to this, the agreement was concluded well before the end of the current agreement period at the end of the year. The new collective bargaining agreement takes effect 1 January 2023, and pay raises have been agreed for 2023 and 2024.

The parties boldly implemented entirely new solutions with regard to family leave and flexible working hours.

“The new agreement enables more equal family leave practices than before, with both parents now having the opportunity to take forty workdays of paid parental leave. Furthermore, all forestry advisers will be able to elect their representative from among the members of the unions connected to the agreement. The agreement also encourages training through more comprehensive rewards for degrees and qualifications,” says Koskisen’s HR Director Minna Luomalahti.

“The first ever company-level collective agreement between Koskisen Oy and METO Forestry Experts’ Association was concluded on 7 September 2022. A company-level agreement is not a given – it is a result of negotiations. The negotiations, which were conducted in a constructive spirit, guarantee a peaceful course of work for both the employer and salaried employees. During its validity, the agreement secures pay development as well as equal, predetermined terms of employment for the salaried employees covered by the collective agreement,” says Markku Varis from METO – Forestry Experts’ Association.

The agreement was approved by the parties’ Boards at the end of September.

Additional information:

Minna Luomalahti, Director of HR and Communications, Koskisen
+358 40 5534 332, minna.luomalahti@koskisen.com

Markku Varis, Head of bargaining, METO – Forestry Experts’ Association
+358 44 7616 446, markku.varis@metsaasiantuntijat.fi

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