Koskisen specifies its growth strategy

Koskisen Corporation press release, 14 May 2024 at 8.00 a.m. EEST

The wood products company Koskisen specifies its strategic growth paths and related measures for the strategy period 2024–2027. At the core of the specified strategy are 1) creating value for customers, 2) developing current operations and 3) taking bold steps.

Value creation for customers is created through high-quality and customized products, customer-oriented services and innovative solutions. The development of current operations is closely linked to strengthening competitiveness and differentiation, product development and the efficient introduction of defined initiatives. Bold steps, on the other hand, include investments and possible acquisitions.

"The specified strategy supports Koskisen's previously set growth leap by the end of 2027. The completed comprehensive strategy work provides the company with a clear direction for implementing this sustainable growth", says CEO Jukka Pahta.

Koskisen's financial targets by the end of 2027 remain unchanged and are:
· revenue of EUR 500 million, including both organic and inorganic growth
· adjusted EBITDA margin averaging 15% over the cycle
· maintaining a strong balance sheet
· attractive dividend of at least one-third of the net profit each year

The market for wood products is large

So far, Koskisen has systematically progressed towards its growth target. One of the key growth drivers is the new sawmill and the development of closely related operations.

"The new sawmill is the heart of the entire integrated and synergistic business. By increasing sawing volumes, we ensure the availability of wood raw material also for the needs of the Panel Industry through increasing wood procurement volumes and side streams of the sawmill production. Growth in both businesses will be generated primarily through volume increase, new wood-based products and expanding customer relationships. Naturally, we invest in the continuous development of our own operations," Pahta continues.

The market for Koskisen's wood products is large and it is growing driven by the green transition, urbanisation and the development of trade and transport. Long-term carbon-sequestering wood products are a key part of a more sustainable circular bioeconomy.

"We help our customers to succeed, mitigate climate change and adapt to the future with our products and services. Developing our own operations and value chain to be even more sustainable through goal-oriented responsibility work is also a key part of our strategy," Pahta says.

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For more information, please contact:
Sanna Väisänen, Director, Sustainability and Communications, Koskisen Corporation
tel. +358 20 553 4563

Koskisen is an international wood processing specialist with more than a century of experience and known for its agility and ability to listen to the customer. We utilise our valuable wood raw material as thoroughly as possible, up to the last particle of sawdust. We manufacture high-quality and sustainable circular bioeconomy products that store carbon for decades. The Group’s revenue in 2023 was EUR 271 million. Read more: koskisen.com