Koskisen’s smart floor panel SENSi awarded in the New Wood competition

Koskisen Corporation press release 21 April 2023, at 9:00 a.m. EEST

Koskisen’s innovated smart floor panel SENSi placed third in the New Wood competition’s public voting. Koskisen’s SENSi is designed to be used in transport equipment flooring, and it optimises the use of cargo space by providing real-time data. SENSi is made from Finnish birch plywood.

“In the competition, SENSi was seen as an important innovation for reducing the climate impacts and transportation costs as well as improving safety. In addition, SENSi stood out from the other solutions by utilising digital technology in a traditional wood product industry product,” says Kimmo Ahonen, Head of Business Development, Koskisen Panel Industry.

Aimed at wood-based bioeconomy products and solutions, the New Wood competition invited all companies operating in the field to offer solutions to global challenges. A total of 13 products and solutions making use of wood were entered in the competition. The Finnish Forest Foundation is the main provider of funds for the New Wood project.

SENSi – smart floor panel

Embedded in Koskisen’s SENSi panels are smart pressure sensors that detect the load on the panel and, correspondingly, any vacant space in the trailer. The data is stored in the cloud in a format that planning tools and forwarding platforms are able to use in the real-time planning, loading and tracking of transports.

SENSi panels help logistics companies to move towards smarter and more sustainable transports. Optimising transport capacity enables the reduction of not only transport costs but also emissions.

“We believe that SENSi panels can play a major role in cutting transport emissions by optimising the use of space. At the same time, they help improve transport safety as they sense the distribution, amount and location of the load,” Ahonen says.
SENSi panels are currently undergoing a research and development and testing phase in co-operation with selected partners.

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