In order to minimise the amount of mixed waste, we sort our waste with care. In addition to the environmental benefits, this also makes sense financially.

Our goal: reducing waste and especially mixed waste

In order to minimise the amount of mixed waste, we sort our waste with care. The benefits of waste sorting are not only environmental but also economical. We employ a separate collection scheme for several reusable and recyclable waste fractions, such as cardboard, paper and metal, the protective wrapping for sawn goods (PE plastic film) as well as discarded electrical and electronic equipment.

Our company-level targets can be found here.

Practical measures for reducing hazardous waste

The hazardous waste produced by our operations is delivered to Fortum’s plants in Riihimäki for appropriate processing. The fractions classified as hazardous generated by our operations include waste adhesive, waste oil, fluorescent bulbs and batteries.

Reducing waste and emissions

We make every effort to ensure that our production waste is either recycled or reused whenever possible. We constantly monitor the amount of waste produced and take measures to reduce the amount of mixed waste associated with our production.

Our earlier large investments in energy production and minimising its emissions have had a huge effect on the company’s total emissions. Thanks to the boiler plant that uses bioenergy, the amount of thermal energy derived from biofuel has grown from 74 per cent to over 95 per cent since 2000.

Most of our products and packaging materials are recyclable. We also take care of the environmental friendliness of our products and are at the front line in implementing international treaties.