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Sawn timber, plywood, chip board, thin plywood

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Welcome to the renewed Koskisen!

We have updated our strategy over the past year and at the same time revamped our corporate identity and website. In renewing the website, our goals have been to make it easier to find information and to improve the mobile use of the website.
The renewed website was launched on 9 November 2020. After such an extensive website renewal, there is no doubt that some areas will need fine-tuning and further development even after its launch. If you have development ideas or feedback on our website, please let us know.

Along with our new strategy, our corporate identity has been harmonised and all our operations are now carried out under the Koskisen name. Going forward, Koskitukki Wood Procurement will go by the name Koskisen Wood Procurement.

More than 100 years of uncompromising quality

Koskisen has been part of the wood industry for more than a century, with a focus on uncompromising product and service quality.

At Koskisen, we ensure that Finnish forests are used sustainably, processing wood into sawn goods, plywood and chipboard.

Koskisen – responsibly

At Koskisen responsibility is an integral part of our daily work and everything we do. To us, responsibility means meaningful work, a healty enviroment and fair partnerships

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Koskisen as an employer

Koskisen has more than 900 employees. We are united by great team spirit, a belief in our capabilities and the courage to create something new. We do our best every day – putting safety and quality first.


The wood products we manufacture are versatile and high quality. Our durable wood products offer eco-friendly solutions for many applications and act as a carbon sink for years to come.

R&D and quality

In order to serve our customers as best we can, we must not settle for mediocrity; we need to continuously improve our operations and the products and services we provide.


Quality, environmental and occupational health and safety certification ensures that we operate responsibly in everything we do.

Through forest certification, our customers can also rest assured that forestry related to our products is carried out in an ecological, economical and socially sustainable way.