Kore® – Optimised van interior solutions

The professional van is a workspace that needs to be strong, durable, and comfortable at its core. In our production unit in Poland, we produce perfectly designed, durable and high-quality protective solutions for van cargo spaces under the brand Kore® van linings.

Our selection covers the most common van makes found on the European markets.

Kore® Overview, Sept 2022 – by Jori Silfverberg, Director of Kore Business Unit

The vans – the market

The market situation for Kore® has been and is still currently challenging in terms of disruptions in the manufacturing chains of the automotive industry, but at the same time “the market is there“, i.e. the market demand is very strong for vans and the future emission and transport vehicle restrictions in Europe will further strengthen the demand. The question is therefore how and when the automotive industry manufacturing capacity is restored?

The raw materials – “From the forest to the van.”

Our good supply capacity for the plywood products is ensured by our own plywood factory in Finland. Our performance at Kore® is at an excellent level in terms of delivery capability. We can react fast and support our customers with flexible deliveries.

There is a significant lack of plywood production capacity due to sanctions at the European level due to the war in Ukraine. Kore®, however, stands out with it’s completely unique supply chain. The entire production chain starting from the forest and wood procurement, is, so to say, in our own hands and we can influence both quality and availability, and responsibility when it comes to sustainability. None of our competitors has a similar situation and the opportunity to manage the chain independently.

Sustainability & R&D

Koskisen’s Kore® plywood products are sustainable and responsibly manufactured. They support the achievement of climate goals in an excellent way.

Kore® has a strong strategic goal to expand and improve customer service capabilities in the future through new product innovations and materials. We want to develop together with our customers and create significant value for the end users of vehicles with high-quality functional products that last a long time in use.

Kore® has a strong and competent team that wants to provide high quality services for the entire offer-order-delivery chain for customers.

The future looks strong, and we believe in significant growth in the industry in the coming years. At the upcoming #IAA22 fair, we will be strongly present and will launch new products in a customer-oriented manner. In the future, we are not excluding Kore to serve customers in possibly other business areas as well.

With autumn greetings,
in behalf of the whole Kore® team,

Jori Silfverberg

Read more about Kore® at: https://kore.koskisen.com/en/about-us/kore-story