Interior design choices impact the environment and indoor air

Interior design choices impact the environment and indoor air The most environmentally friendly choices in terms of interior design materials, furniture and other interior design solutions are those that remain in use for as long as possible. Wisely selected products are aesthetically pleasing to the users and are fit for purpose in all respects. “The […]

Koskisen Panel Industry’s quality management takes a quantum leap forward

The development of quality management in Koskisen’s Panel Industry started in early 2020. In 2020, the scattered quality and process data collected from production was brought together on a single platform where it is visualised in an easy-to-understand format and is more readily available. Centralised data is more manageable Previously, the problem with quality management […]

Koskisen fire-protected spruce panels at Keravanjoki community centre

The Keravanjoki Community Centre, commissioned by the City of Kerava, is to be completed in the autumn of 2021. The construction of the building was realised with the alliance model and adaptability, health factors and low energy costs were key considerations in its design. Wood is used in both the building’s facade and interior spaces. […]

Quality has a factor

We’ve published a series of blog -postings during the spring, in which we describe Koskisen’s role as a wood working company, the creation of our wood-based products and their journey to our quality aware customers. The article series is part of launching and implementing our new brand image. Koskisen renewed its strategy and corporate image […]

Tailored chipboard from Koskisen

From the forest to the top product – the presentation of chipboard unit The domestic chipboard comes from the only Finnish chipboard factory in Järvelä. We can boldly challenge users of our products who are able to match those of other manufacturers. We are proud responsible for the manufacture of our chipboard, taking into account […]

Koskisen’s products listed in the Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s Building Materials Database

The Nordic Ecolabel, i.e. the Swan, is a Building Materials Database intended for both construction material suppliers and builders of Swan-labelled buildings which lists the verified construction products and materials. The Database was created to help, for example, designers find eco-friendly and the right materials for building in compliance with the Swan ecolabel. Koskisen’s TSCA-certified, […]

High-quality and unique thin plywood from Koskisen

From the forest to the top product – the presentation of thin plywood business unit The Koskisen Hirvensalmi thin plywood unit will produce high quality birch veneers and unique thin plywood for a wide variety of uses. Production process will start by sorting the logs. Logs are measured and quality graded in this phase. Logs […]

Unique plywood from Koskisen

From forest to top products – unit presentations continues When a passenger arrives from the long-distance flight to the arrival hall of the new Westwing airport terminal in Helsinki, he can see a Finnish birch forest at its best; beautiful perforated birch plywood interior elements made by us. The products we manufacture are also used […]

New brand sawn timber package

First class sawn timber from Koskisen

From forest to top products After Koskisen Wood Procurement has done its own part, the relay baton is handed over to Koskisen Timber Industry when it comes to softwood logs. Wood procurement has delivered logs in right quality, size and length at correct time to correct place as well in Järvelä as in Kissakoski. Järvelä […]