KOLO design relies on Koskisen’s Finnish thin veneer plywood

KOLO design, established in 2015 and located in Eastern Finland, is a company that makes functional and ecological business and personnel gifts. They can be personalised with a logo, message or text. Thanks to their patented assembly technique, KOLO design’s products come in compact packages, which makes the light-weight products easy to handle, transport and send. The puzzle-like products are assembled without glue or screws.

Inspired by Finnish nature

KOLO design’s owner and Sales Director Jani Niemeläinen explains that the products’ innovative design is inspired by the four seasons of Finnish nature and the green forests, blue lakes and shoreline cliffs. The company wishes to draw on this resource to create inspired solutions, while respecting nature and the resources it offers – in a sustainable manner. The company is honoured to be a member of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, whose products bear the Key Flag symbol.

In its design, the company also draws on customers and their ideas for inspiration.

“We continually develop the concept. We have created new products one at a time and, in practice, always with customer needs in mind. Each project is unique. Our CEO and Designer Olli Lyytikäinen designs and manages production,” Niemeläinen explains.

Niemeläinen was previously an HVAC entrepreneur but has always held an interest in wood products and plywood in particular. When Olli Lyytikäinen became Niemeläinen’s customer, the relationship turned into a collaboration and their ideas turned into plywood products.

“I told Olli to design a birdhouse without any nails that would fit in a small space. And the rest is history,” Niemeläinen recalls.

KOLO -design values Finnish materials

Using Finnish materials is one of KOLO design’s core values and the company wants its products to be as Finnish as possible. This principle applies to raw material choices, surface treatment materials and packaging materials. KOLO design has relied on Koskisen’s Finnish thin veneer plywood in its birch products from the very beginning.

“When we order material from Koskisen, they listen and provide great service. They answer all our questions and make deliveries on time,” Niemeläinen says. “On top of all this, Koskisen’s plywood mill is Finnish and so is the raw material. Koskisen’s high quality guarantees our excellence.”

Link to visit Kolo -design https://www.kolodesign.fi/index.php?language=zx

Koskisen thin plywood products https://koskisen.fi/en/products/thin-plywood/thin-plywood-and-veneers/