Forest owners

We have longstanding relationships with forest owners

We want to be a fair wood procurer that takes a long-term approach and with respect for the principles of sustainable forest management. Our own procurement personnel and partners network work closely with forest owners. Timber trade and forestry are important to forest owners and they need to proceed smoothly and securely.

We offer forest owners diverse forest management services for every stage of the forest. The services are tailored according to the needs and wishes of our customers. We offer significant trading partner benefits to forest owners that sell to us regularly.

Koskisen’s wood procurement has as its customers tens of thousands of private forest owners, of which there are around 600,000 in Finland. Most of the forest owners are couples, pensioners and estates located in rural areas, but this trend is changing as the forests transfer to the younger generations. Our goal in wood procurement is to also anticipate the needs of future forest owners.