Kore® – why do we do this?

The year 2022 for Kore® was a year with many uncertainties and insecurities, but also a year with growth of knowledge and implementation new methods to work through the daily issues. We have used the slower time in the market to improve our processes and learn more of what we do and how we do it. It is important to listen and learn. It was a year to start with some “stop and think a bit more” – and especially of the why. 

…Why do we do this?

We want you to have the best protective covering for your new van’s interior. The goods must be at the location on time, the installation needs to be easy; it must be done quickly to save your valuable time, and the products must look great, match together and give a cohesive look for your cargo space. 

          – We want it to be simple, because life is tricky enough.

We are agile quality-products supplier, tailoring the best solutions for your needs. All the processes that we have and currently re-build in the background support that. We are staying creative and are searching for sustainable and long-lasting solutions to maximize the best outcome for our processes and products.

The market seems to stay unexpectable, but we are okay with that. It is important for us to reinforce the communication, whatever comes. The goal is to maintain and improve the good relationships to our key stakeholders. We look forward to growing with you and to re-evaluate what do we do now, how do we do it – and what can we do next. Together.

Read more about Kore® in https://kore.koskisen.com

Written by Riikka Kirvesniemi-Brechleiter, Marketing & Offering Manager – Kore®

Kore® offering includes a wide range of ready-to-install van cargo interior protection sets for light commercial vehicles. Our tailor-made solutions are produced from high quality and sustainable wood-based panels in our own Kore Service and Machining Centre in Toporów, Poland. Kore® is part of Koskisen Group which operations are located in Finland. In its products Koskisen utilizes Finnish origin wood.  

Koskisen is an international wood processing specialist with more than a century of experience and known for its agility and ability to listen to the customer. We utilize our valuable wood raw material as thoroughly as possible, up to the last particle of sawdust. At the same time, we bring the best carbon narrative to life: We manufacture high-quality and sustainable products that store carbon for decades. The Group’s revenue in 2022 was EUR 318 million.