Koskisen Oy and Koskitukki Oy merger

Koskitukki Oy’s and Koskisen Oy’s Boards have registered the merger plan between the companies with the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. According to the plan, Koskisen Oy will merge with Koskitukki Oy, and after the merger the name of the new company will be Koskisen Oy. The business ID of the new company will be the current Koskitukki Oy’s business ID, 0148241-9.

The companies’ shareholders decided on the merger at the spring General Meetings on 26 April 2022. The technical preparations for the merger are underway, and the goal is to have the merger take effect on 31 May 2022, whereby the new merged company will start operating on 1 June 2022.

The merger being prepared will support Koskisen’s new brand and will harmonise its operations. The merger will simplify the company structure and bring immediate operative benefits, such as doing away with invoicing between the companies and simplifying transfer pricing.

The merger will not have personnel impacts. The personnel of the current Koskisen Oy will transfer to the new Koskisen Oy under their previous employment terms.

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CFO Karri Louko